Friday, October 10, 2014

Check out this nasty piece of hot-gas on my work; the blogger must be in need of some castor oil treatment!

Flatulence as Philosophy- Purushotam Bilimoria on Kant,Matilal & Spivak

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  1. Hai, hai Billimoria Sahib, why you are prescribing non veg purgatives like castor oil when your own purely sattvic writing, if liquidized and administered as a Gandhian enema work just as well?
    Chee chee.
    These ultra fair skinned and slim Gujju Brahmins (all descended from dead Arab sailors resurrected for some foul purpose by Parasuram) are trying to destroy the Dramila Bhrahmin ethos of fat black Iyers like myself!
    Main NaMo ko shikayat karungi, haan ji haan! Tu dekhte rahiyo- main maikhe chali jaoongi- jhoot kahe to kauva katte!
    Haan Ji haan.