Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Emotions in Indian Thought-Traditions Purushottama Bilimoria and Alekdandra wenta (editors and authors).
Fresh off the taawa (one of its kind, or perhaps more of the "flatulence as philosophy" kind by East London anti-postcolonial standards!)

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  1. Sarkar, this poverty stricken Curry and Chips Cockney (not from East London which is now more expensive than West London) can't afford to buy your book. I suppose you are mindlessly jumping on the Martha Nussbaum type 'Public Emotion' textual availability cascade.
    Twenty years ago, I'd have expected you guys to blather on about how Abhinavagupta equals Croce and thus, for 'context dependent' India, 'Public emotions' arise from the exhaustion of baroque 'meaning production' (Ma'ani afrini or alamkaric 'rasabhasa') not anything Naturalistic or serving a Socially relevant Signalling purpose.
    Times have moved on. My guess is you are curating worthless Nussbaum style shoddy, 'tolmema' lies and cheap and obvious academic frauds.
    My own theory of meta-metaphoricity & ontological dysphoria suggests that though 'Emotions are Darwinian Algorithms of the Mind'. Public Emotions- like those evoked by the Draupativastraharaanam or 'Gambler's Verse' in Rk- were always cognized as being, not catharsis, but the shite produced by Pity, Terror and everything else that is fundamentally fucked.
    Rasabhasa, old boy. It proves Hasya is foundational of everything else and, since Indians can't be funny unless they pretend to be Peter Sellers, it therefore follows we can be nothing else.